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Thank you to all of Chatham Education Foundation's supporters, whose generous support help the School District of the Chathams deliver world-class educational programs and tools to our students.

Donors from July 1, 2019 – March 30, 2021

Named Endowment

Endowment Fund for Environmental Sustainability (Abbott Family)

Allen Family Endowment Fund


Battiato Family Endowment Fund

Dickson Family Endowment Fund

Epstein Family Endowment Fund

Karpowic Family Endowment Fund

Kuppenheimer Family Endowment Fund

Ryan T. Ganley Memorial Endowment Fund (Metviner Family)

Prael Family Endowment Fund 

PTO Endowment Fund

Quon Family Endowment Fund

Rooney Family Endowment Fund

Routh Family Endowment Fund


Leader ($5,000+)

Giroux, Paola and Sebastien

Hintz, Helen and Edward

Khan, Zahrah and Sohail

Li, Vivian

Patel, Geetika and Dilip

Segal, Kristen and Martin

Pillar ($2,500-4,999)

Bojanowski, Laura and David

David, Suzanne and Kenneth

DeCicco, Beth and Matthew

Ekert, Samantha and Kurt

Guerrero, Jomil and Marcelino

LeRoux, Nona and Thomas

Maddi, Abigail and Vincent

Sterling, Christine and Shawn

Benefactor ($1,000-$2,499)

Ayad, M. George and Gloria Fuentes

Bakunas, Olivia and David

Beegle, Lauren and Ray

Chatham Orthodontics

Cooper, Theresa and Chris

Davenport, Steven and Anne

Devine, Lisa and James

Devlin, Annie and Colin

Dohrn, Antonia and Matthias

Ewald, Stacey and Robert

Gagliardi, Shalini and Sam

Hofheinz, Marianne and Michael

Holland, Ananya and Michael

Ioffredo, Leslie

Joshi, Renuka and Sameer

Lechner, Mineli and Scott

Lee, Christopher and Julie Sung

Loftus, Christina and Joe

Lowe, Sara and Kevin

Maksimow, Andre and Cara

McNally, Jennifer and Peter

McNamara, Melissa and David

Marrinan, Sean and Cindy

Monck, Erinna and Bernstein, Andrew

Moynihan, Denny and Wendy

Nettune, Scott

Peck, Katherine and James

Ragins, Stuart and David

Ramprasad, Gayathri and Narayanan

Richards, Erin and Michael

Rowland, Jennifer

Ruggiero, Dr. Alicia and Dr. Patrick Burnett

Sachs, Teresa and Neil

Shanley, Bridget and Joseph

Shuster, Mary and Brian

Sonny’s Indian Kitchen

Slupchynskyj, Oleh and Catherine Pearson

Tarhanidis, Maria and Peter

Thistlethwaite, Jane Marie and Ross

Tully, Colleen and Stephen

Voleti, Priya and Vinod

Wagner, Amy and Matthew

Wan, Yiping Erica and Jing

Weichert Realtors

Whitney, Cheryl and Robert Steiner

Woerner, Debra and Thomas

Young, Claire and Robert

Zingone, Kristine and Raffaele


Patron ($500-$999)

Abrams, Julie and Darrin

Aprea, Kay and Bill

Barber, Michael and Rebecca

Barrett, Patti

Basralian, Joe and Daniele

Bazadona, Damian

Berger, Camille and Nathalie

Blewitt, Michael

Bourke, Jennifer

Bruno, Michael

Bruzzo, Pete and Karen

Burgo, Erin

Butler, Lee

Cafiero, Kimberly Clary and John

Chan, Arlina and Kwanchai

Chatham Wealth Management

Clemens, Allison

Clymer, Steve

Conlon, Jillian and Michael

Cyganovich, Nicole

Davis, Michelle

Deaton, Megan and Patrick

Doherty, George and Mary

Dowling, Samantha

Eck, Melissa Montuori and Nicholas

Ewing, Amy and Michael

Flaton-Origenes, Suzanne

Flynn, Peter

Foran, Heather

Golden, Adam and Jane

Haid, Cara and Christopher

Hess, Meghan and Stephen

Hollander, Andrew and Dorothy Frank

Imamoglu, Emre

Jacoban, Jacqueline and Leonard

Jadro, Michelle and Christopher

Jersey Shore Music School, LLC.

Jones, Laura and Brian

Kania, Jeffrey and Christine

Kapoor, Geetesh

Katz, Eve

Kelly, Kimberly

Kerins, Amanda and John

Klein, Phyllis S

Koehler, Brenda and Bradley

Kolodziej, Erica and Paul

Koscielniak, Melissa

Lakin, Jessica and Nicholas Depirro

Limbert, Reagan and Christian Taylor

Lin, Lisa and Marguiles, Brian

Long, Nora

Maguire, Catherine and John

Matter, Shannon and Brett

McEvoy, Andria Coletti and Peter

Mitsuba Japanese Cuisine

Morrison, Jennifer and James

Nadgauda, Elena and Nikhil

Nassif, Tenison and Valere

Neumann-Loreck, Illysia

Pijut, Antonina and Derek

Pisick, Katy

Polverino, Frank and Carmela

Press, Bonni

Pruitt, Carlene and John

Purani, Swapna and Sanket

Purschke, Daniel and Cecilia

Russo, Leigh

Schaaf, Jon and Megan

Schuck, Jennifer

Shue, Forrest

Sinha, Veena and Anupam

Smith, Charles

Soares, Andre and Mariana

Stanco, Teresas

Sullivan, Neil

Tolleson, Christine

Vastola, Melissa

Vermillion, Dave

Weber, Jill and Robert

Wente, Alisa

West, Cecille and Lawrence

Wright, Jennifer

Friend ($250-$499)

Amore, Christopher

Andreasen, Nancy

Antenen, Cristina and Jerome

Bari, Tania and Taposh

Barnes, Timothy and Deborah

Barrett, Aimee and Sean

Boyd, Justin

Brodkin, Adele and Roger

Bryant, Helen and Douglas

Burns, Angelica and Paul

Burns, Jodi and John

Butler, Louise

Caron, Tara and Kevin

Castelino, Genevieve

Cavallone, Melissa and Mark

Cincotta, Katie and Thomas

Cooney, Vivian and Michael

Delaney, Barbara

DiMeo, Elissa and Dominick

Duffy, Jules and Lawrence

Dziemian, Amy and Dan

Eckles, Allison

Finkelstein, Lisa and Seth

Fitt, Beth and Dave

Fitzgerald, Melissa and Jeff

Frank, Dorothy

Gallucci, Dawn and John

Gao, Yan

Gerne, Emily and Donald

Gianusso, Bethany and Peter

Gleeson, Melissa and David

Gulati, Dipti and Ashim

Guo, Cindy and Chuan Yang

Haberman, Jack and Stefanie

Hahn, Mary

Hallahan, Noelle

Hickory Tree Pizza

Kelly, Bobby

Kenney, Lata and Brian

Kolek, Mary and Buz

Kolker, Mariel and Glenn

Kupchinsky, Beth and Scott

Leach, David and Kelly

Liang, Becky

Loatman Family

Lombardi, Sue

Loofbourrow , Kelly

McBride, Mary and John

McClintock, Jenna and Dana

Medvin, Kelly and Michael

Mehta, Shailaija and Animesh

Mellina, Thomas and Linda

Merwin, John

Modi, Disha and Sunil

Mott, William and Christina

Mulligan, Mary Ellen and Thomas

Norcia, Christina and Gerard

OBrien, Nancy

Orabona, Frances and Dugan, William

Orr, Michael

Palazzi, Diane and Robert

Panagakos, Kristen and Nicholas

Pelosi, Bridget and Greg

Peter, Andrea and Erich

Purdy, Beth and Simon

Rosen, Dr. Robert DMD

Ryan, Joanna and Tim

Shah, Priti and Kalpesh

Shah, Susan and Usher

Silverstein, Veronica and Alan

Simonfay Landscape Services

Sorriso Kitchen LLC.

Spano, Donna

Stevens, Joyce and Drew

Stratemeier, Nicole and Dan

Sun, Weini

Thomas, Marcia and Brian

Thomas, Melissa and Jonathan

Warner, Jennifer and Chris

Weaving, Roger

Williams, James and Stephanie

Wu, Jin

Yaknour, Ahmed

Yarcheski, Stephanie and Michael

Zimak, Megan

Zuckerman, Sara and Daniel


Supporter ($100-250)

Abseck, Stephen

Allik, Judith

Andrews, Stephen

Apgar, Sarah and Sean

Aprea, Kay and Bill

Armstrong, Jin

Auer, Kim and Matt

Avula, Maheshwara

Bacon, Patty

Bahl, Samir

Barrette, Lisa and Joseph

Bergstrom, John

Bernich, Elizabeth

Bhatia, Vandana

Bitar, Carol Grinwis

Blau, Robert and Hoda

Blossom Asian Bistro

Boggis, Emilie

Boisvert, Kevin

Brouillard, Sara and Michael

Carbone, Lisa and Matthew

Carillo, Marianne and Joseph

Cattaruzzi, Patricia and Edilson

Catullo, Christine

Chen, Hui

Chen, Wei

Chin-Chance, Catherine

Clark, Daniel and Michelle

Clayton, Allison

Coates, Amy

Colaco, Russ

Collander, Margaret and James

Colleton, Stephanie and Dan

Cooper, Jennifer

Coutras, Stella and Constantine

Crawford, Christy

Culleton, Janie

Dailey, Jill and Sean

Dajic, Lejla

Daruwalla, Rozina

de Faria, Juliana

Dezenzo, Rose and Thomas

Dhawan, Mahasweta

DiMarco, Christopher and Ilyse

Domnich, Marina

Drigun, Caroline Mary

DuBrule, Diane L

Dyer, Jr., Richard

El-Bizri, Hiba

Elashri, Maha

Engelson, Robin Engelson

Enright, George

Entman, Jennifer

Federico, Christopher

Feeley, Erin

Feeman, Amanda

Feng, Aimin

Flood, Christine

Fortuna, Diane and Michael

Frazzano, Heather

Freidenfelds, Lara and Felix Tien -Shang Wu

Gallucci, Jr., Dawn and John

Garges, Amy

Garubo, Christa and Boland, William

Ghosh, Arpita and Rajesh

Gibney, Kevin and Tricia

Gilleece, Amy and Gregory

Glover, Ronald A.

Godziela, Carmelyn and Christopher

Green, Jessica D

Groome, Courtney

Grosso, Heather Robb and Rob

Gu, Bobby

Hager, Sean

Hansen, Christina and Glenn

Hemmer, Heidi

Hill, Christina and David

Iqbal, Farah

Ipekci, Pinar Iren

Jaising, Rahul

Jiang, Jason

Kaplan, Jennifer and Jeffrey

Karp, Cristina

Kelly, Maureen and Michael

Kiblawi, Sirine

Kirton, Raymond and Bonita

Kneebone, Beth and John

Kobylarz, Xenia and Thad

Kole, Deirdre

Kressler, Lisa and Edward

Ladewig, Birgit and Uwe

Lantigua, Ken

Lappen, Kevin

Latorre, Kendra and Rob

Lee, Terry and Rebecca

Li, Sophia

Li, Yong

Lingampalli, Jaikrishna

Liu, Helen and Lee

Maloney, Ruth

Manning-Weill, Michelle

Marine, Diane

Max, Constance

McNelis, Martine

Miller, Jessica

Mirfin, Jo

Morelli, Sara and Robert

Mulligan, Marlene and Gregory

Murphy, Joseph

Murray, Hyonchu

Nowikas, Rachel and Louis

Odendahl, Jennifer

Paruta, Dawn and Jack

Patel, Shailen

Peters, Polly

Petitjean, Deborah

Piskadlo, Sharon

Prithviraj, Ranjit

Quinn, Thomas and Virginia

Radzik, Gretchen

Raghuveer, Smitha

Rao, Venkatesh

Riabov, Alexandra

Richie, Kaitlin

Romano, Tina

Schroeder, Phyllis and Edward 

Scotto, Karen and Paul

Sen, Paramita

Sena, Dominique and DiDanato, Thomas

Shah, Neil and Vinnie

Shah, Seema

Shanley, Kelly

Shannon, Mark and Kristyn

Sheng, Mei

Slattery, Keith and Kristine

Smith, Lisa

Srinivas, V K 

Stadinski, Dawn

Sullivan, Michael

Sullivan, Mike and Maria

Surmeli, Andrezza

Swift, Barbara and John

Tartaglia, Dora and Robert

Teisch, Lorraine

Tempke, Amy and Christian

Terranova, Kristin M

Tsang, Lillian

Tuminaro, Jed and Virginia

Venezia, Mary

Vessecchia, Jennifer

Visentini, Brooke and Jacopo

Voelksen, Jennifer

Walsh, Matthew

Wang, Jiayin

Wang, Ping and Wen Huang

Weaving, Raymond and Joan

Weavson, Heather and Dave

Woodland Bakery

White, Mary Claire

Williams, Cathleen

Wong, Walter

Wu, Muying

Yang, Wu

You, Sun and Lei

Zhang, Jie

Zhao, Shubin

Zilnicki, Raquel

Zito, Billie


Aasland, Annika

Acomb, Jeannine

Adeleke, Kareem

Adler, Bruce

Adler, Deborah

Aguilera, Hector

Ahlstrand, Lauretta

Aksemsettinoglu, Yonca


Anderson, Norma

Annunziata, Karen

Apoian, Zachary

Aragon, Doris

Areman, Bonita

Arent, Elissa

Arifkhan, Bahar

A Taste of Asia

Bacher, Pernille

Baird, Christine

Baker, Kimberly

Barakat, Horacio

Barrett, Susan

Bean Curd Restaurant

Befumo, Christine

Bera, Noirita

Birdsall, Laura

Bliss, Anu

Bock, Yalda

Bottoni, Genevieve Loren

Bresnahan, Barbara and Erik

Brockmeyer, Daniela

Buchberger, Gregor

Buell, Catherine

Butkowski, Lisa and Kratuheim, Paul

Capone, Danielle

Carles, Julie

Carroll, Dana

Carroll, Marylee

Cattaruzzi, Patricia A

Chacon-Avila, Edgar

Chakrabarty, Sulakshana

Chen, Betty

Chen, Yuming

Chidlovsky, Nancy

Chiesa, Carolina

Christie, Janet

Cirignano, Nicholas

Claps, Colleen

Clarke, Amanda

Clarke, Fran

Cohen-Michel, Elissa

Cohn, Lisa

Conroy, William

Cook, Karen and Edwin

Curcio, Kristin

DaCosta, Natalie

Dan, Oana

Davenport, Stephanie

Decker, Meghan

DeMichele, Vincent

Dempsey, Alison

Dempsey, Carolyn

DePace, Pamela

DePinto, Katey

DePre, Kenneth

Dewaltoff, Angelica

Dimaculangan, Patricia and Ronald

Dimler, Richard and Carol

Distaulo, Jacquelyn

Dockendorf, Jen

Dodge, Sarah

Dougherty, Joanie

Duangnumsawang, Jiraporn

DuBeau, Lauren

Duff, Stephen and Susan Elizabeth

Dwyer, Laura and Michael

Ebrahim, Alexandra

Elia, Christine

Embersit, Katie

Engelkraut, Anne and Frank

English, Karen L

Engstrom, Chiara M

Erdmann, Tatiana and Andrew

Erickson, Joanne

Falkenberg, Anabella

Fang, Juanzhi

Fascina Collauto, Alessia

Fernandez Rodiles, Raquel

Ferrito, Vince

Ferro, Heidi and Jeff

Finkelstein, Laura and Darin

Fisher, Scott

Fishman, Cristina

Fitzgerald, John

Freeman, Jennifer

Frey, Laura

Funes, Carla

Gache, Vasilica

Garrett, Jennifer

Garza, Gabriela

Geddes, John and Sue

Genkinger, Annie

Genser, Nathan

Georgala, Petrina

Gladtke, Joshua

Glynn, Walter

Golio, Lauren and Chris

Gopalakrishnan, Nandu

Gotfredsen, Sven Erik

Guimaraes, Fabio

Guimaraes, Simone

Guralchuk, Maryalice

Hager, Cathryn

Hander, Kendall

Harkins, Thomas and Suzanne

Hauser, Brian

He, Peiang

Heard, Andrew

Hekmat, Laurie

Henningson, Jessica

Herchick, Scott

Herr, Robert

Hodges, Cathy

Hoffelder, Katelyn

Hollinshead, Sarah

Honer, Debra

Huang, Sophie

Hubbard, Andy

Itzen, Houston L

Jackson, Andrew

Jenkinso, Kathryn

Johnson, Kristen

Jordre, Jennifer

Kahney, Dana

Kalolwala, Ali

Kaufman, Yahong

Keane, Kathleen

Keenan, Paul and Laura

Kelleher, Jennifer

Kelly, Joan

Keltz, Megan

Khambatta, Jasmine

Kimura, Megumi

King, Tara

Kingsbery, Mina

Klepper, Erik

Kocis, Jamie

Kubie, Elizabeth

Kudrako, Priya

Labadie, Paige

Lacroix, Edith

Laing, Kathleen

LaMastro, Courtney

Lazerus, Stephanie

Le, Vanny

Lee, Kim

Leininger, Eric

Lelarge, Ruth

Lenox, Susan

Leonard, Kacy

Li, Andrew

Linardi, Camila

Liu, Anna

Liu, Hairong

Liu, Harry

Liu, Kang

Luiz, Katia

Lvoff, Minh-Dang

Lyons, Lindsey

MacGregor, Andrew and Margaret

Maiolo, Michael

Manley, Brian and Caitlin

Marchetti, Kerry

Marciniak, Brenda

Mascula, Birute

Matheson, Lisa

Matina, Dana

Matthews, Mary Beth and Brian

Maurer, Molly

Maxwell, Christine and Geoffrey

McCabe, Donna

McCaffrey, Kenneth and Noreen

McDermott, John and Kathy

McReynolds, Larry

McVeigh, Terence and Virginia

Merse, Amy

Meyers, Claudia

Microsoft, Inc.

Murray, Kayla

Nau, Heather

Nekrasova, Dina

Ness, Tracy Smith

Nigido, Lisa and Paul

Nikolopoulos, Eve

Nobile, Courtney

Novick, Jim

O'Reilly, Shannon

Osika, Renee

Ozromano Imamoglu, Berta

Paone, Heather

Patel, Midu

Paxton, Lauren

Perera, Shanya

Perez, Tazha

Pesile, Jason

Peterson, Nancy Greco and Joseph

Pimentel, Lester

Polverino, Carmela

Racette-Aguayo, Nannette

Radest, Karen Miller and Michael

Rafeh, Renda

Raskin, Eileen and Edward

Razzaq, Shazia

Reilly, Annemarie

Rex, Kathleen and Bruce

Riback, Larry and Robin

Richardson, Kim

Riley, Heather

Rindos, Linda

Rivera, Latesha

Roos, Sandra

Russo, Gina and Ron

Ryan, Stephanie

Sachs, Kelly

Sadai, Kerry

Salinger, Marilyn

Sanchez, Shana

Santucci, Leah

Segarra, Steven

Serban, Audrey

Shadek, Caitlin

Sharma, Gita

Sheehan, Danielle

Shen, Wen

Shilkrot, Alexander

Sprague, Kathy

Spriggs, Christie

Starkey, Amanda

Stitely, Jeff

Stuart, Seth

Sun, Nan

Sweeney, Amy

Swon, Megan

Syed, Kirran

Szmulewicz, Alena

Talakoub, Cecilia

Tam, Maribel

Tammling, Cecilia

Tammling, Hayo

Tarnok, Lauren

Teutli, Andrea

Thomas, Ruth

Tian, Haijun

Torres, Krys Araujo

Treloar, Irene and Joseph

Tromonda, Salvatore

Vallet-Sandre, Stephanie

Van Vliet, Jean and Shaun

Varghese, Heidi

Vasi, Valentino

Vaz, Serena

Verrazano Consulting Solution, LLC.

Viola, Cindy

Visco, Kathryn

Wang, Keela

Wang, Michelle

Wang, Xihua

Wang, Yaqin

Way, Emily

Wexler, Jill

Wilson, Cindy

Xu, Xiaoyan

Yang, Lee F

Yick, Rachel

Zadourian, Antonia

Zdenek, Michael

Zhi, Lin

Zito, Rubyna

Zubkova, Kristina

Zucchi, Anne and Leandro

Zukor, Phil

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