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CEF has awarded over $1,500,000 in grants to teachers, supervisors and the school district over the past 27 years. Thanks to donors’ generous support, these grants impact all students in all six schools. In addition, a portion of the grant awards are funded by endowment gifts, which provide funding for grant awards in perpetuity.

As of December, 2021, Chatham Education Foundation has already funded over $65,000 in grants for the 2021-22 academic year.

  • District Choral Festival

    Congratulations to teachers Ken Bryson, Amber Blakovich, Dana Goodstein for their very successful first ever district-wide Choral Festival, funded by a grant from the Chatham Education Foundation. This $2,330 grant brought all the choirs in grades 4-12 together on March 10, 2022 for a full day of learning, singing, and program development. Legendary composer and musical artist, Stacey V. Gibbs, worked with over 400 students on two pieces, including a piece of his that had yet to be premiered, on text expression, music history, and vocal technique, both as individual schools and as a whole unit. In addition to working together musically, students learned social-emotional learning through various musical and non-musical team building activities.

    The final performance of the students performing together, which will be premiered at a later date, was recorded with very high audio recorders, funded by a prior grant from the Chatham Education Foundation.

    This grant is funded in part by the Ryan T. Ganley Memorial Endowment Fund (Metviner Family).

    Congratulations again to Mr. Bryson, Ms. Blakovich, Ms. Goodstein, Mr. Gibbs, and all the students for an amazing day of growth and singing!


  • The Thinking Classroom--Phase 2 (CHS)

    The Thinking Classroom – Phase 2 (CHS)

    Alex Elgart, Meredith Kempson, Kyle Lynott, Laura Scerbo, Stacy Winters, Aaron Yamamoto


    This $23,222 grant expands the “Thinking Classroom” within the CHS mathematics wing to four additional classrooms. The initial phase of CEF’s “Thinking Classroom” grant in 2018 demonstrated the validity of the current research that supports students working on whiteboard surfaces in the mathematics classroom, resulting in observed increases in student productivity, critical thinking, and wellness. These design changes include vertical non-permanent writing surfaces on flexible seating/standing tables, and the de-fronting of the traditional classroom setting.

  • Reimagining Geometry (CMS)

    Reimagining Geometry (CMS)

    Stacy Winters


    Building off the success of the Thinking Classroom, this $31,524 grant award allows for the redesign of Chatham Middle School math classrooms to coincide with a curriculum sequence change in which 8th grade Chatham Middle School students now take Geometry prior to Algebra 1. This sequence change provided an opportunity to reimagine what students can do with the knowledge of Geometry, and this grant provides the technology and materials to allow students to demonstrate this new knowledge. All three 8th grade math classrooms will be transformed into thinking classrooms, and the grant provides whiteboard vertical spaces and whiteboard desks and tables of different and adjustable heights for students to complete problems. Some of the whiteboards can even be brought into the math hallway, extending the classroom reach so that all students can work on math while social distancing.


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