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As a society, we have come to a deeper understanding of the deleterious effects of anxiety and stress and the underlying causes of both.  SDOC and CEF stand strongly behind the belief that concrete steps can be taken to alleviate both in our student community.  Space and programs have been established that support mindfulness, quietude, relaxation, and comfortable places to decompress among friends.  Grants have been awarded to alleviate anxiety through programming and spaces that are curated with a thoughtful assembly of music, books, games, and furniture.

Our recent Grants include:

  • MAS Mindful Mondays at MAS, Nicholas Andreazza

  • CHS Rest and Relaxation Room, Lisa Lattarulo & Andrea Murphy

  • MAS, WAS, SBS and LAF GoZen Anxiety Busting Program, Kelly Medvin, Cindy Weiner, Carole Soder & Abby Silverman


Our Impact

  • Years of Service


  • Grants Provided


  • Teachers Supported Each Year


  • Students Benefiting Per Year


Photo Credit to Glenn Clark for Mozart Requiem Photos

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