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Grants enable the STEM curricula with tools such as teleprompters, drones, lighting and lenses for students engaged in Video Production and Short Film.  Robots and 3-D printers for Design & Tech and Robotics and Technology Clubs.  In math our teachers use Sphero Robots for computer programming with geometry to solve real world problems. In Science we funded Pasco Probes to gather and analyze data. 

Our most recent Grants include:

  • MAS Boogie Boards in School, Amanda Turton, Samantha Stojanov & Allison Tierney

  • SBS 2nd Grade Student Discovery Boxes and Corresponding Literature, Ryan Vogel, Jaclyn Brief, Sarah Byrne, Emily DePascale, Susan Keating & Mollie Seiferas

  • CMS 21st Century Math Classroom, Carmelo Sortino

  • CMS Pasco Probes, Kristen Crawford & Jillian Brandt

  • CMS Collaborative IdeaMaker Boards, Danielle Dagounis, Simone Gaunt, Jessica Liatys & James Hitchings

  • CMS Media Production Teleprompters, Elissa Cohen-Michel

  • CHS Large Format Printer, Julianna Ryan, Jason Mariano & Connor Henderson

  • CHS Lens and Lighting Kit for The Pulse, Connor Henderson

  • CHS Using the Sphero Robot in the Geometry Classroom, Dagmar Cordano & Mark Chambers


Our Impact

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